Due to the COVID-19 pandemic you are likely in triage and doing all you can to keep your people safe, stay on top of your business, and deal with the uncertainty amid constantly changing conditions. Here is a tool to help you chart your future.

This McKInsey article “Getting ahead of the next stage of the Coronavirus crisis” provides key actions to take now.

Here’s a synopsis: Close on the heels of the Coronavirus outbreak, the next wave of disruption—the biggest economic shock since World War II is headed our way. It will be a shock to customer behaviors and business models as well as economic challenges.

These challenges will be orders of magnitude bigger than anything we have seen before.

To handle this, adopt an operating model that accommodates the extreme level of uncertainty facing your business…here are two practical steps you can take to help stay ahead:

Launch a PLAN-AHEAD TEAM to get ahead of the next stage of the crisis.
Direct that team to work across multiple timelines.

The PLAN-AHEAD TEAM will help elevate your view above the day-to-day responses that your triage team is managing. Its objective is to enable modular, scalable thinking that you need to navigate this unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation. The PLAN-AHEAD TEAM will deliver a STRATEGIC CRISIS-ACTION PLAN to guide and accelerate your decision making.

If you agree this PLAN-AHEAD TEAM is a pragmatic approach then consider:

Who will lead this? What do they have to stop doing so they can do this instead? What up and coming talent can take on some of the load?

Set up regular reviews with this team. Make the outcomes you want clear and time bound.

If you like the idea yet find your managers are maxed out, I can assist you.

My team includes a finance executive who is skilled at financial analysis and business modeling, critical for this type of planning.

With current staff stretched with crisis response, we augment your resources. Contact me if you’d like to discuss this opportunity.

Wishing you health and prosperity,