Move forward, both rapidly and successfully


Is your business tackling any of these key business issues?
  • Ensuring Success for Your Family-Owned Businesses.
  • Taking on Quick Change.
  • Culture Refresh.
  • Successfully Transitioning Your Business.
  • Key Executive Search / Talent Selection.
  • Change Management Consulting Customized to Your Needs.


Strategies and skills that help you create the change you’re looking for.

Ensuring Success for Your Family-Owned Businesses:
According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, 90 percent of American businesses are family-owned or controlled. Many of my clients are family businesses, so I am very familiar with the challenges of family businesses. My change management consulting offers flexible and effective solutions. 

Quick Change:
As a result of my 30+ years of business experience, I have developed effective techniques and strategies for making change quick and easy, which saves my clients time and money. Whether you are interested in improving accountability, taking on tough internal dynamics, or improving your company culture, I’ll support you with strategies and skills that help you create the change you want.   

Culture Refresh:
I am a Certified Barrett Values Centre partner for Culture Values Assessments. I successfully led the channel integration when VERITAS Software and Symantec merged while consistently achieving sales targets for the $350M+ combined business. 

I started Culture Integration International in 2010 because I understood the relationship between Culture and Business Performance. Leaders benefit from support during significant times of change (e.g. M&A, Growth).

Successfully Transitioning Your Business:
One of the most significant challenges for all businesses is when it transitions to the next generation or to others. Transitional difficulties are most acute in family businesses, especially when the founder is hesitant to step aside.

I provide change management consulting that supports the transfer of power in family and growth businesses. I assist the transitioning CEO or owner in developing a compelling exit plan that addresses both the personal and professional concerns of the transition. Learn more about Successfully Transitioning your Business.

Key Executive Search / Talent Selection:
This is especially important during succession and talent search. My experience, as a successful sales professional and corporate leader, provides the insights necessary to successfully evaluate and select candidates that are right.

Change Management Consulting Customized to Your Needs:
Whether you’re looking for support on a spot challenge, or a more significant change, I will help you with the management advice, expertise, training and coaching that is customized for fast and effective results.