Fast Change Business Solutions


Highly skilled at quickly clarifying complex situations and developing effective solutions.

When it’s time for a change, you can either change now or you can pay more and change later.

Like many people I was raised on the idea of, “Going along to get along.” At work, this strategy leads to stagnant work environments and less than productive company cultures.

As a successful sales leader at Adobe Systems, VERITAS and Symantec, I witnessed how the strategy of “Going along to get along” interfered with people’s personal and professional success. 

What I do now is help Executives and companies make fast and easy change. I also provide the awareness that there is always a solution.

I am committed to your success. I look forward to talking with you.

~ Della Quinlan


Empowering busy Executives to improve results. Quickly.
Experienced Change Leader: 30+ years, Inside $1B+ software companies and consulting with mid-sized companies ($15M – $200M). 

Broad Industry Experience including: Software + SAAS, Hardware, Commercial Real Estate & Construction (GC & major trades), Professional Services, Logistics, Manufacturing & Non Profits.

Core Values: Excellence, Relationships, Integrity, Commitment, and Growth. 

Significant Accomplishments: Successfully managed the integration and $350M quota of the Window channel when VERITAS and Symantec merged, Turned around a company on verge of bankruptcy, resulting in a successful sale and exit for the owners.

  • I am an Executive Business Coach who’s clients are CEOs and Executives of mid-sized and high growth companies. I specialize in helping my clients achieve high performance and quick change.
  • My unique skills, built while managing in fast-change environments, and my operational experience with large and medium-sized businesses, set me apart from other coaches, consultants and trainers.
  • I develop and use dynamic approaches that bring people together, so they more effectively collaborate, evolve professionally, and experience more business success.
  • I am a pragmatic optimist. My commitment is to empower everyone to be their best and experience greater success.
  • I love my work. I excel at assisting my clients in shifting perspectives, discovering new possibilities, and getting more of what they want, both for themselves and for their companies.


As an Executive Business Coach, I am dedicated to supporting you in being your best, leading with focus and confidence, and quickly realizing your vision.